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Speaker > Biography

Le Hong Hanh

Hanoi Law University

Deputy-Director, Institute of Law Science
Ministry of Justice

Chief Editor
Journal Law & Development






Family name: Le
Middle name: Hong Hanh

2. Sectoral Experience: Doctor and  Professor of Law

3. Nationality: Vietnamese

4. Nominating  Member: Vietnam

5. Day of birth: March 5, 1953

6. Current position

Employer:  Hanoi Law University


    • 1979 to 1986: Dean of Economic Law Faculty
    • 1986 to now: Vice-Dean

7. Education

  • From 1971 to 1976 I entered and completed Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia),  with major of International Trade Law.
  • In competed LLD Program of Moscow State University and was granted a degree of Doctor of Law in September 1986;
  • In 1993 I worked at Harvard Law School (Harvard University) as  a visiting scholar.
  • In 1995, I completed LLM Program of HLS and was granted degree of Master of Law.

8. Professional qualification

  • Trade and Environment Law
  • Civil Law

9. Working Experiences

  • Currently I am arbitrator of Vietnam International Arbitration Center and in this capacity chaired several arbitration tribunals to solve international commercial cases. I have been in Arbitration work for 15 years;
  • Had been appointed the Dean of Faculty of Economic Law in  198I.
  • Had been appointed the Deputy-Rector of Hanoi Law University in 1988.
  • Has been appointed Deputy-Director of Institute of Law Science, Ministry of Justice in April 2006
  • Has been appointed the Chief Editor of journal Law & Development in 2005.
  • Have been the consultant of ADB, WB, UNDP, Sida, CIDA in many projects.

10. Other related trade experience

  • From September of 1995 up today, I often have involved in various projects funded by UNDP, ADB, Sida, Sema, WWF as Team Leader,  consultants and directors.
  • I was invited to give lecturers in some foreign Universities in the region and in many international workshops.

11. Teaching in trade law and policy

  • I have been teaching trade law at Hanoi Law University, Law University in Ho Chi Minh City and other institutions for 30 years and now still keep teaching.
  • I was also invited to teach some law courses in Kokuen University  (in Kyoto, Japan), ASEAN Business Program in the University of Philippines;
  • Guide 12 students of LLD Program among them 11 have  successfully;
  • Guide 30 LLM students to successfully complete their graduation papers;

12. Publications
I wrote  a lot of books and articles. Below are listed some of them.

No Articles’ titles Journals Years/No
Xoзяйственный дoгoвop пo закoнoдательcтву CPВ (In Russian)
Coвeтcкaя Юcтиция
1984, No 21
Правовоe peгyлиpoвaниe матеpиaльно-техничеcкoгo cнaбжения кoлхoзoв в CPВ (In Russian)
Xoзяйствo и Право
1985, No11
3 Renovation of legal regulation of relations between Industry and Agriculture sectors State and Law 1987/ No 4
4 Renovation of legal regulation of  relations between Industry and Agriculture sectors State and Law 1989/ No 1
5 On the ownership of household State and Law 1990, No 1
6 There is the need in new concept of political system State and Law 1991, No 1
7 Market economy development and the necessity of improvement of the legal system State and Law 1991, No 4
8 To discuss land use tax Socialist legality 1990, No 3
9 Law and Freedom of business State and Law 1992, No 2
10 To understand the form of business organization in the US Jurisprudence 1995, No 1
11 About the Sate Economic Management Communist 1988, No 6
12 Corporations in the law of the US Jurisprudence 1995, No 3
13 Is shareholder corporation an alternative? Jurisprudence 1996, No 4
14 The Civil Code viewed from points of market economy development Jurisprudence Special Issue 1996.
15 Capital structure of a corporation Jurisprudence 1996, No 3
16 On measures for securing credit contracts Jurisprudence 1996, No 1
17 The relation between the capital structure of a companies and securities exchange Jurisprudence 1997, No 3
18 How to define the goals of legal training at Hanoi Law University Jurisprudence 1997, No 4
19 Globalization and labor relations Jurisprudence 1998, No 3
20 Investment funds and Investment companies in a securities exchange market Jurisprudence 1998, No 4
21 Stock companies in the legal system of Vietnam Jurisprudence 1999, No 6
22 Some theoretical and practical issues of drafting legal acts Jurisprudence 1999, No 6
23 Inside trading in the activities of companies in a securities exchange market Jurisprudence 1999, No 5
24 Some theoretical and practical issues of criminal liability for air pollution State and Law 2002, No 6
25 Concept of trade in Vietnamese law and its irrelevancies in application in context of economic integration Jurisprudence 2000, No 2   
26 On the measures of ensuring democracy State Management 2000, No 4
27 Some thoughts on the drat of Law on cultural heritage Jurisprudence 2001, No 2
28 The transfer of shares to form the relation of 100% parent -subsidiary companies in Japan State and Law 2002, No 1
29 On the change of name and contents of economic law subject Jurisprudence 2002, No 5
30 The alternatives for strengthening socialist legality in the reality State Management 2002, No 8
31 Equalization of SOEs needs in some correct concepts. Jurisprudence 2003, No 1
32 Further to discuss how to improve the economic law system in Vietnam State and Law 2003, No 4
33  Economic contracts concept - to be or not to be Jurisprudence 2003, No 3
34 Trade marks or Trade name - How to correctly understand? Jurisprudence 2003, No 6
35 About the Law on SOEs of 2003 Jurisprudence 2004, No 6
36 To discuss the parent-subsidiary structure from legal points of view Jurisprudence 2004, No 3
37 Precise definitions and concepts - the precondition for better solving IPR disputes Jurisprudence 2004, No 6
38 Some international legal aspects of biodiversity and their reflections in Vietnamese law Jurisprudence 2005, No 2
39 What is right approach to defining real estate registration Democracy & Law 9/2005
40 Major developments in Vietnam law achieved by the Seventh session  of 11th  legislature of the National Assembly Law & Development 1/2006
41 The court and  commercial Arbitration - the issues to be solved for reducing the gap between law and  reality Law & Development 1/2006
42 To create uniform legal environment for businesses of al economic sector before joining WTO Law & Development 2/2006
43 The Xth Congress of the PCV on market economy development and development of Law Law & Development 3/2006
44 The Nature of arbitration centers under Vietnamese Law Law & Development 4/2006
45 Membership in WTO - the legal challenges that enterprises need to be aware of Democracy & Law 2006
46 How international arbitration should be understood in Vietnamese law. To legal services. ALA - Challenge of Globalization 2006
47 The current law on bidding looked from the WTO’ agreements and Vietnam’s commitments on construction services Law &
48 Administrative reform and development of enterprises in context of Vietnam’s accession to WTO Law & Development 2/2007
49 Improving law on commercial arbitration to meet the requirements of market economy development and international integration Law & Development 3/2007
50 There is a need in three-tier renovation for  higer education Law & Development 1/2008
No. Books Publisher  
1 Getting into legal  terminology   Author
2 English for lawyers People’s Police Publisher Author
4 Environment law People’s Police Publisher 2001, 2004 Chief Editor
5 Legal foundations of the market economy with socialist orientation Publishing House of  Hanoi Pedagogical University,  2001 Co-Author
6 Theory of State and Law People’s Police Publisher  2004 Co-Author
7 Doing business in A SEAN University of Philippines 1998 Co-Author
8 Third World Dimensions in conflict Resolution Uppsala 1989, Sweden Co-Author
9 Competition and law competition in Vietnam People’s Police Publisher  2001 Co-Author
10 The morality and skills of lawyers in  market economy with socialist orientation Publishing House of  Hanoi Pedagogical University Chief Editor
11 The handbook for legal drafting Nation Publishing House Chief Editor
12 Improving your understanding law in English Justice Publishing House,  2004 Chief Editor
13 Advanced Guide -Improving your under-standing law in English Justice Publishing House,  2004 Chief Editor
14 Equitization of SOEs - Theoretical and practical issues Political Science Publisher, 2004 Author
15 Protection of IPR in Vietnam - Theoretical and practical issues Political Science Publisher,  2004 Chief Editor



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